Our team of experts will make sure that each and every rupee spent by you on a digital campaign in yielding you back.


We use only white hat techniques to bring your website on top. This helps you to stay on top of search engines for a quite a long period.


Now a days pitching your product in a social media platform is a very vital source of Selling your products

Online marketing services

Just a Web application, mobile application or even an e-commerce application is not going to sell itself; strong marketing strategies are to be laid in order to show the world our products or services. Marketing is a tedious job and it needs patience and a smart way to pitch on to the end users, a wrong marketing strategy can land a company in a wrong direction. Intrepid it services with the years of knowledge in online marketing will provide a best in class service to its customers.

Pay per click

For faster and immediate results, Intrepid IT services uses various methods available in search engines and social medias to promote a product or services, Using these methods search engines like google and yahoo will promote our web pages based on pay per click basis and social media giants like facebook and Linkedin promotes our websites to their customers. These marketing are highly recommended for customers who are in need of immediate returns. Intrepid It services Helps its customers to identify the best way to promote their business and the right costing for it.


Search engine Optimization (SEO) is comparatively a much slower process and takes lots of time to get noticed by users, Its advantage is that it is cost efficient and a long lasting process. It is a process of bringing Websites on top of search results for specific keywords, It takes a minimum of four to six months time to bring the website on top based on the completion for any keyword. Intrepid IT Services has experts who work on daily basis to take care of their customer’s website. It uses all the possible white hat techniques to bring the clients website to the position where it is discoverable.


Intrepid It services has more than 6 years of experience in web application development. Our service helps you in satisfying your requirements.


We make sure all the features of a e-commerce solution is completely delivered to give our customers a hurdle free way to sell their products.


Our services ensure that it is available anywhere and in any devices, Our applications are designed to customize itself to all type of smart devices.
Web Development Companies in Chennai offers

Web Development

Intrepid It Services is a Web Development Company in Chennai, from its inception in 2010 it has been dealing with quality customers to help them create web applications which are very useful for them. With an in-depth knowledge in technology and vast experience intrepid it services is capable of handling any kind of web application no matter how complex it is.

There are several stages in developing an application which basically includes, strategy building, clear planning, required research, business consulting, design, programming, testing and training. Intrepid It Services one of the best Web Development Companies in Chennai go in and out of these processes on day to day basis and have successfully maintained its quality throughout. All our designs and developments are done in such a way that it is practically available anywhere in the world and on any smart devices.

Our competency spans in all the major web technology platforms- wordpress, html, php, magento, dotnet, special frame work development and so on.

E-commerce Application

E-commerce application is quite different from a normal web application development; it involves much more security and integration of payment gateways to handle online transactions. Intrepid It services understand that and gives a powerful solution that satisfies not only the requirements but also satisfies a wide array of clients who are running their online store with ease.

Intrepid It services will give a complete solution for handling inventory, maintaining the CRM, handling the orders and even the ERP of the system can be easily maintained in click of a button. This gives the clients an easy and powerful way to handle their store online. We also provide an option of mobile.


Our native apps run across various Android devices and all its versions as per your requirement to achieve your business objectives Java, Kotlin, Native, Flutter, React Native, SQLite are some of the tools used by us.


Our IOS app developers have a detailed understanding of the ios platform. Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Touch are some of the tools we use to deliver exceptional user experience to iPhone users.


We use technologies like Ionic and React Native to build Hybrid mobile apps for our clients that work flawlessly on any device and operating system and does not compromise on user experience.

Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Intrepid IT Services is a mobile app development company in Chennai that specializes in ios and android app development. We build Android and iOS apps that transform businesses and accelerate growth.

We serve businesses of every function across diverse industries world wide to stay ahead of the technology curve and dominate the digital marketplace. Intrepid has over 9+ years of experience and over a 100 apps deployed on both Android and iOS.

We collaborate closely with businesses to understand their requirements and develop secure, responsive apps tailored to meet their business objectives.

With the experience we have gathered as a leading Mobile App Design and Development company, We are capable of handling the entire lifecycle of an app right from design till maintenance after deployment to ensure smooth functioning of your app.

Our skilled and experienced team of Android and iOS app designers and developers leverage the latest technologies to create secure, efficient and easy to use apps on time.

Get in touch with us to turn your app idea into a reality.

Cloud Application

For a very large application or an application with high user interactions client server model or legacy platforms will not be as efficient as a cloud based systems. Intrepid it services develops cloud based applications to satisfy customers with such requirements in a much cost effective way.

Cloud based applications eliminate the word server downtime from its dictionary. It is also scalable and highly customizable based on the customer requirement. Intrepid It services customizes its application to run on all devices and the designs are made in a responsive way to adapt itself to any smart devices.

Simplify, Scale and Automate business process

With our customized Web and Mobile app development.

We are the best of breed for the best in class, we smoothly pass as the perfect one stop solution – a classic lubricant to your uncomfortable IT journey where you struggle to find a winning, Omnichannel answer to your endlessly tiresome business responsibilities.

Our Commitment

Our technical excellence is a result of undying, unapologetic commitment towards striving to be better than the best.

Our Equality

Projects both big and small, weigh equal on our balance because it is the consumer satisfaction that drives us.

How we assist to grow your business

Web Application Development

Our web development service focus in delivering customizable, scalable and flexible solutions that helps you increase productivity, enhance your global outreach and deliver compelling customer experience.

Cloud Application Development

Every company eventually needs to scale up. Our experts will assist you in selecting right type of cloud, platform and technologies to develop a new or migrate your existing applications to scale new heights.

Mobile Application Development

From idea to delivery, Intrepid covers the entire process of mobile app development. No matter how complex your requirements are, We leverage our knowledge in app development to deliver you the best.

Digital Marketing Services

Our Digital marketing Strategy brought you here. We are confident that we can bring your target audience to reach your products or services with a robust marketing strategy tailored for your business.

Why should you choose Intrepid IT Services?

  • We are the trusted digital partners for 100+ renowned brands
  • We are dedicated to provide a proactive support
  • Our solutions make your brand market ready
  • Our comprehensive solution takes you to the next level
  • We grow by lifting others
22 yards - Mobile app development

One stop solution for all cricketing needs.

Start up mostly struggle to get their ideas to reality. We helped one of the start up 22Yards to transform their idea to a beautiful yet powerful mobile app which is now being used by more than 10000+ cricket players in India.

Spellbee - Digital Transformation

Revolutionised the way English is being taught.

Spellbee initially hit us like a truck because of the constant challenges it kept throwing at us, but our Intrepid IT Services team was all set to solve each problem more than just effectively as well as provide innovative, intelligent solutions.

How we are different

Our promise to build a technically sound and capable business for our clients implies dealing with our ecological effects far and wide, making the best decisions for your firm consistently. At Intrepid IT Services, we aim to keep up the respect and dignity, both yours and ours. With our services we guarantee that you get:

  • Accentuated ROI
  • Upgraded Business Security
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Hassle free Management
  • Augment Company Efficiency


  • The Intrepid team that did development work for me showed strong technical expertise. The team was cooperative throughout the project and always did the best they could.

  • The Intrepid team is the most dedicated and enthusiastic Development Team I have worked with. Everyone is committed and they attend our Queries 24/7.

    CEO, 22YARDS
  • The Intrepid team never told impossible to any idea. They always thrive for perfection and come up with new ideas and innovations which make our job easier!

  • The Intrepid team did a great job for us on the production of the our site

    Ewall, Project Manager
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Regardless of what business you claim, you’re continually thinking about approaches to enhance your productivity. Tech innovation itself can enhance your business’ effectiveness. Technical solutions from Intrepid IT Services guarantee the typical effectiveness that originates from utilising innovation is boosted.

With a devoted Software development group such as us, you can really utilise innovation for what it’s intended to do: to achieve organization targets and distinguish territories for the extension all the more rapidly. Furthermore, most of the IT help that we provide today is intended to be effectively powerful and crafted to expand efficiency, extracting resources into exceedingly effective administration that endeavours to give you the most ideal return.