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Digital Marketing Services

Google Adwords services
Pay per click

Our team of experts will make sure that each and every rupee spent by you on a digital campaign in yielding you back.

Search engine optimisation services

We use only white hat techniques to bring your website on top. This helps you to stay on top of search engines for a quite a long period.

Social Media marketing services
Social media marketing

Now a days pitching your product in a social media platform is a very vital source of Selling your products

Online marketing services

Just a Web application, mobile application or even an e-commerce application is not going to sell itself; strong marketing strategies are to be laid in order to show the world our products or services. Marketing is a tedious job and it needs patience and a smart way to pitch on to the end users, a wrong marketing strategy can land a company in a wrong direction. Intrepid it services with the years of knowledge in online marketing will provide a best in class service to its customers.

Pay per click

For faster and immediate results, Intrepid IT services uses various methods available in search engines and social medias to promote a product or services, Using these methods search engines like google and yahoo will promote our web pages based on pay per click basis and social media giants like facebook and Linkedin promotes our websites to their customers. These marketing are highly recommended for customers who are in need of immediate returns. Intrepid It services Helps its customers to identify the best way to promote their business and the right costing for it.


Search engine Optimization (SEO) is comparatively a much slower process and takes lots of time to get noticed by users, Its advantage is that it is cost efficient and a long lasting process. It is a process of bringing Websites on top of search results for specific keywords, It takes a minimum of four to six months time to bring the website on top based on the completion for any keyword. Intrepid IT Services has experts who work on daily basis to take care of their customer’s website. It uses all the possible white hat techniques to bring the clients website to the position where it is discoverable.

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